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How to Draw a Plan for a Personal Letter in an Examination: Episode One

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Let me be honest with you. It is much easier to write an orderly letter which meets the key requirements of the question when it is written with a draft plan to follow than when it is written without a plan. From my own personal experience, it is a fact that spending just about five minutes to plan an essay before you begin to write it saves you a lot of precious time in an examination.

So, I urge you to learn how to plan your chosen essay in any test or assignment before you write the actual thing. I believe that the best way to motivate you to take this advice seriously is to provide you with practical examples of essay plans.

Study closely the suggested plan below. It is a plan based on a past examination question.

You should also try to write the letter based on this plan to see how well you will do. This approach can only bring you success in your next examination.

You can even decide to come up with your own plan after studying this sample.


Your elder brother living abroad has alleged that the youth in your area are unemployed because they are lazy. Write a letter to him giving at least three reasons why you disagree.

Your plan:

1.         Address, Date, Salutation

2.         Opening remarks and statement of position (you disagree – things are different in your area as compared to conditions abroad)

3.         Reasons

(i)        Lack of educational facilities

–           Majority are not qualified for the job market

(ii)       Poverty and high school fees elsewhere

(iii)      Lack of jobs for the qualified few

(iv)      Poor business environment for aspiring entrepreneurs

4.         What should be done – briefly.

5.         Closing remarks.

6.         Subscription

Please note

Remember always that a letter or an essay plan should be as sketchy as possible. Do not waste your time writing too much. Reserve the details for the essay proper.

If you would like me to look at your letter, or other essays, feel free to contact me. I will gladly do so free of charge.

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