October 19, 2020

The Roles of Sylv Po and Harvest FM in Faceless

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You are about to enjoy an important tutorial on the roles of Harvest FM and Sylv Po in the development of the plot and themes in the novel, Faceless.

Harvest FM and Sylv Po can hardly be separated in Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless. One reason for this is that the character Sylv Po is the only person associated with Harvest FM in Faceless. Any time that Harvest FM is mentioned, the name that quickly comes to mind is Sylv Po. And any time Sylv Po is mentioned, the media organization that jumps to mind is Harvest FM.

In this tutorial, therefore, I intend to give you relevant points which you can safely use to answer a question on the role of either Harvest FM or Sylv Po or both in Faceless.

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Harvest FM is a private radio station which features prominently in Faceless. Sylv Po, a broadcast journalist, happens to be the main presenter at Harvest FM. Together with his producer (whose name is not mentioned), Sylv Po serves his audience of ardent listeners with a popular early morning programme dubbed The Good Morning Ghana Show or simply The GMG Show.

Highlights of the role of Sylv Po and Harvest FM in Faceless

As host of Harvest FM’s flagship programme, The Good Morning Ghana Show, Sylv Po sets the agenda each morning as to what social issues his listeners should be thinking or talking about. Two of such issues are the menace of HIV AIDS and the thorny problem of the plight of the street child as it obtains in Accra and elsewhere in the country.

It is of little surprise, therefore, that Harvest FM catches the attention of Kabria and her people at MUTE, another public-spirited privately-owned organization. And when Dina and MUTE recognize the need to co-opt the services of a media organization to help them unravel the mystery surrounding Baby T’s death, they quickly settle on Harvest FM.

This is how Sylv Po and his Harvest FM enter the investigation to find out the truth about Baby T’s identity and the circumstances surrounding her death.

We must never lose sight of the fact that this investigation into Baby T’s death is at the very core of the plot of Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless. So also is the issue of streetism, the central theme in the novel.

Thus, by playing a significant role to facilitate this investigation into the identity of the deceased as well as the people and factors responsible for her untimely death, Sylv Po and his employer, Harvest FM, have contributed immensely in the development of both the themes and the plot of Faceless.

Let us now look at the significant steps taken by Harvest FM through Sylv Po in the novel, Faceless, to facilitate the investigations initiated by Kabria’s NGO, MUTE.

  • Sylv Po and Harvest FM join forces with the NGO, MUTE, to perform an important public-interest duty that the relevant state institutions like the police are unable to do.

It is Harvest FM that comes in to give MUTE the kind of support they failed to obtain from the visibly broken police service. This is how Harvest FM’s support for MUTE exposes the problem of failed government institutions in Ghana.

  • Sylv Po and Harvest FM put their services at the disposal of MUTE to enable them to conduct and publish a series of interviews with people who matter in their investigation into the Baby T affair in particular, and the street child phenomenon in general.

The people interviewed include the following.

Naa Yomo, the venerable old woman in Baby T’s family house

Maa Tsuru, the mother of Baby T and Fofo – two important street children in Faceless

Poison, the feared street lord of Sodom and Gomorrah

Ms Kamame of the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, another NGO

Through these interviews, the author brings to the fore the various factors that go into the making of the street child. Such factors range from poverty, absentee fathers, ignorance, distorted beliefs or superstition to sheer parental irresponsibility and misplaced priorities. These are all important themes in the novel, Faceless.

  • Sylv Po walks side by side Kabria as Fofo leads them through the dark and dangerous alleys of Sodom and Gomorrah.

We see, with them, at first hand, the bizarre way of life in Sodom and Gomorrah – hidden spies, human CCTVs in the form of harmless-looking nursing mothers, passwords and all.

Through Sylv Po and Harvest FM, we are made to watch at close quarters the extreme poverty, the unhygienic conditions and the insecurities that these street children have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We cannot help but express shock and dismay at the glaring failure of the state and other stakeholders to give the children a more dignified way of life.

Clearly then, Sylv Po and Harvest FM play no small role in the development of the plot of Amma Darko’s novel, Faceless.

Their efforts, in conjunction with those of MUTE, the NGO, are what eventually lead to the identification of the social, political and economic factors that come together to produce street children like Fofo and Odarley or to prematurely end the lives of vulnerable girls like Baby T.

Without the intervention of public-spirited, privately-owned media organizations like Harvest FM and hardworking journalists like Sylv Po, Fofo and other children like her may never get the opportunity to build a sound foundation for their futures.

Thank you.

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